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About Us

Well Work 360 is a workplace health and wellbeing consultancy. It partners with organizations of all sizes seeking to enhance employee wellbeing, providing the additional expertise and resources they may need. It offers a range of services such as:

- The Well Work 360 Indicator Tool©
- Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Creation
- Manager and Leadership Training
- Talks and Workshops
- Team Building Programmes
- Wellbeing Co-Ordinator

The Well Work Indicator Tool© is a new way to measure and manage workplace wellbeing. It combines 20 evidence-based measures, employee feedback and expert recommendations to elevate or kickstart your workplace wellbeing strategy.

The goal with all services is to provide employees, managers and leaders with the education and tools needed for them to create a healthy work environment. Collectively these services can improve employee health and wellbeing, engagement, and productivity while increasing workforce retention.

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