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Tarmatrol Ltd.

Tarmatrol Ltd.


Manufacturing & Production

About Us

Tarmatrol is committed to delivering innovative, sustainable chemical products that enable our customers solve problems in the most efficient manner. We're just as passionate about finding innovative ways to serve the communities that surround us. For example, our products are manufactured in Galway to harness and sustain skilled workers within the locality. Additionally, we transact with many fellow Galway businesses by the means of procuring as much of our supply chain as feasible from them. As a company, we recognise and take action on the importance of protecting and enhancing the enterprising spirit of the western capital. As a continuously evolving business, our R&D will eventually encircle the realisation of problem-solving, sustainable chemical products for application in institutional (buildings and facilities, foodservice, healthcare, hospitality, retail) and light industry (food and beverage processing, life sciences, manufacturing, transportation) sectors.

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