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Atlantic Gold Seaweed Plant Ltd


Manufacturing & Production

About Us

AGSP Ltd intend to establish a factory to cultivate, harvest, wash, process, dry, & mill different species of wild natural seaweed raw material from the west of Ireland and export to various market sectors globally such as Biostimulant, Fertilizer, Animal feed, Edibles for Human’s, Cosmetic Pharma / Personal care industries. The Global demand for seaweed raw material is greater than the current supply. Irish seaweed is recognized worldwide for its terroir quality, free from pollution, and offering the highest quality and diversity of seaweed both for agriculture and human consumption. The Global seaweed market is estimated to be in the order of 10billion dollars for all sectors involved (Ag, cosmetics, feeds, nutraceuticals, energy). Atlantic Gold Seaweed Plant Ltd is AGSP Ltd will diversify production by supplying the food supplement market with added-value innovative prebiotic organic algal solutions in milligrams pills from an innovative west coast production site sequestrating car