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Galway 2050 - A Vision for Galway

The future of Galway will be determined by the people of Galway. This is your city and your county. We all have a real role to play in driving the realisation of the best vision for Galway.

Galway Chamber, along with our partner organisations in this process, fully believe that Galway can become one of the best destinations to live, work and visit in Europe. For that to be achieved the people and the relevant bodies need to be working towards a common cause, a common vision, to build on the great work that has already been delivered.

Each of us is key in supporting the backbone of success. If we are indifferent, then we will only stand still.

That is why we want as many people as possible will take part in the Vision 2050 consultation process. This is your city and county, so please tell us what you want it to look like in thirty years’ time.
Please upload submissions/ supplementary information you would like to include as part of your feedback.